And speaking of the Black List…

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Congratulations to my clients Nick Pollack and Ryan Hayward for their recent great review from the Black List for their script, “Any Girl Who Loves the Beatles is Bound to Break Your Heart”, and for making the list’s weekly “Scripts of Interest”. I’m so pleased for them.


  1. Thank you Diane. We honestly would not be anywhere near this advanced stage with our script without your insights into how to develop our story, characters and script structure,
    so a lot of credit for this exciting news should also be attributed to you. We are very grateful – thanks once again for your patience and input with our script development.
    Nick Pollack
    Sydney, Australia

  2. Congratulations to Nick and Ryan! (And what a great title for a script.)

    • Thank you on both counts Kim!

  3. Aw, thanks, Nick! It’s been a pleasure working with you guys. You’ve worked hard and deserve this. Here’s hoping (and believing) this is only the beginning.

  4. Great News! Look forward to working with you Diane.

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